How to Remember Loved Ones This Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for many people. From making magical memories and cherishing time spent with loved ones to giving thoughtful gifts to family and friends, it’s a holiday filled with fun, laughter and reflection.

Christmas can also bring feelings of sadness, especially when thinking about loved ones that are no longer here. My Grandad passed away at the beginning of 2012 so Christmas always tend to be a time when I think about my Grandparents in particular. I have fond memories of growing up and spending Christmas with them.

Although it’s not the same as them being here, there are still ways to incorporate much-loved family members into the Christmas holidays. With that in mind, here I share a few ways that you can remember missed loved ones this season. There’s also a special tip at the bottom with a brief review of Aura Print.

Christmas decor

Christmas decor is a lovely way to remember departed loved ones. You could purchase a personalised bauble or ornament to place by the Christmas tree. There are also festive stockings you can buy which can be placed by the fireplace with other family member stockings.

Memorial wreath

Many people place wreaths on their door at this time of year so why not include some of their favourite colours. If you’re worried about your wreath becoming damaged by bad weather, you could place it close to your fireplace or even on an internal door.

Serve their favourite seasonal dish

If your loved one had a favourite dish at this time of year you could serve it on Christmas day. This is a nice touch if you’re planning on inviting family members or friends over for Christmas dinner. Alternatively, you could say a few words over dinner, raise a toast to departed loved ones or serve their favourite drink.

Organise a family walk

On Christmas day, why not organise a walk after dinner and stroll by their favourite places or share memories. Naturally, a walk will depend on the weather but this is a good idea to include little ones. You could even bring some photographs with you, especially if you have some from local outdoor locations. See if you can spot the same areas during your walk.

Make a donation to their favourite charity

Did your loved one have a favourite charity? Perhaps you could make a donation to remember them? It doesn’t have to be a monetary donation either. You could donate supplies to a food bank or even donate your time to a local homeless charity. Lots of charities have events too at this time of year so see if there is something going on in your local area.

Make a playlist

There’s no shortage of music during the festive season so make a playlist featuring some of their favourite songs. You could play this on Christmas day or even in the car during the festive season. Try to include songs that inspire happy memories at this time of year.

Light some candles

Christmas is the perfect time to light some candles in honour of those you have lost. You could do this on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, it’s really up to you!

Continue favourite traditions

My Nanna and Grandad would always have a Christmas buffet on Boxing Day and it’s something we carried on for a while after my Nanna passed. We haven’t done this for a while but it’s something I’m considering bringing back. As a kid, my sister and I loved grabbing our plates and stuffing as much as we could on there! Whatever traditions your loved ones enjoyed during Christmas, you could easily incorporate them into the festive period – whether that’s a Christmas drink in the local pub or putting on your best novelty jumper on Christmas Day.

Give a special gift

A Christmas gift can be more than a simple pair of socks. A photo frame holding a special memory is the perfect gift to give someone during the holiday season. You can wrap it in special gift wrap and show how much thought you’ve put into it. This beautiful wrapping features Christmas hang tags with string from Aura Print. You can create custom gift tags with Aura Print which are posted in as little as 2 working days. The gift tags feature high-quality printing on a thick card. There are a choice of shapes, sizes and paper types available to suit your desires. Plus, you choose where to place the hole for a truly personalised option. Aura Print also print Christmas Cards too with a selection of options available. You could even feature your loved ones on your card or make a special note inside.

There are many ways to remember your missed ones at Christmas. It can be a tough time of year but adding some sentimental touches into your celebrations is a nice way to create new memories while adding a nod to the past.

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