How to Get A Career in Cyber Security in 2022

The internet has been around for decades but with technology innovation continuing to develop, it’s an exciting time to think about a career within cyber security. As most millennials and gen Z’ers are competent in using IT, it’s a great foundation to have to learn more about cyber security. With working from home becoming more popular, establishing your own business, working as a freelance specialist or even working remotely for a specific company is completely achievable with a job in this arena. So, how do you become a cyber security specialist?

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security involves processes, including technology, which prevents data from being accessed by hackers or unauthorised sources. As most people tend to store some form of data online, it’s never been as important as it is today to protect your information. As many companies are using online technology, there’s a growing need to enhance online security. A cyber security salary can start from around £40,000 while those with advanced skills in a leadership role can earn approximately £70,000 and upwards. An entry-level position generally begins from £20,000.

Typically, a cyber security specialist will assess potential risks, update key employees on how to stay safe online, analyse data to determine if a cyber attack is likely, as well as understand how to protect company data.

Key Skills to Have

What are some key skills to have to become a cyber security specialist?

IT/computer skills

Communication skills

Problem-solving skills

Planning and research






Courses and Further Learning

If you have little knowledge of online security or want to develop your computer skills, undertaking a cyber security course offers an excellent foundation for getting employment within this field. You don’t require any formal qualifications to study these types of courses so it’s a great way to get started. TryHackMe is a company providing cyber security training. Their software simulates real hacking experiences, helping you to have a deeper understanding of how to prevent security breaches online.

Is It Worth Learning About Cyber Security?

It’s well worth learning about cyber security even if you don’t want to take this career path just yet. With web3 set to revolutionise the internet, crypto gaming and NFTs are going to become more popular. As these features are still new, there are potential hacking situations that could arise. If you’re planning on purchasing cryptocurrency or buying NFTs, learning about how to keep your data secure is beneficial, especially as you want to protect your assets.

Even if you don’t plan on getting a job in this area at the moment, understanding online security could open up the potential for you to start your own cyber security business advising companies on data protection and hacking. You could also go into web development, software security, cloud security, IT security administration, information security analysis or online security management.

If you’re thinking of applying for an entry role within information technology, computing, network engineering or something similar, taking a course in cyber security can help your CV to stand out, giving you an edge over other candidates. Cyber security is an in-demand role in which you can have a lengthy career, particularly as the popularity of the internet is only likely to grow stronger.

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