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Hot Yoga Benefits: What Is It and Why Is It So Good For You?

You’ve heard of yoga, but have you ever heard of hot yoga? People are raving about hot yoga benefits and how it makes them feel amazing! So, what exactly is it? Why is it good for you? Are there any risks involved? Here, we delve into 5 incredible hot yoga benefits and what you must know before getting started.

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is a type of yoga that is performed in very hot and humid conditions. Normally, the temperature is between 30 and 40 degrees, meaning you’re going to seriously sweat during practice.

Hot Yoga Benefits: 5 Reasons To Get Started

If you’re new to hot yoga, you’re probably wondering why it makes some people feel incredible. Despite the high room temperature, there are many advantages to practising this form of yoga. Here are 5 hot yoga benefits.

People on a yoga mat.

It Enhances Flexibility

Hot yoga improves flexibility more so than other forms. This occurs as the heat in the room causes the muscles to expand further than traditional yoga. If you’re an athlete, gymnast, dancer, coach, or anyone looking to seriously step up their flexibility, then hot yoga is the way to go, especially as there is minimal risk of injury involved.

It Supports Weight Loss

Hot yoga is a great exercise if you want to increase your weight loss. The multitude of poses, in addition to sweltering heat, makes your heart pump faster and build lean muscle. This can significantly help your weight loss goals. Bikram yoga is said to burn around 1000 calories per 90 minute session.

It Helps To Detoxify Your Body

Experiencing hot yoga is a sweat-filled exercise. As anyone who has tried hot yoga will tell you, you’ll literally be dripping in sweat. While this might not feel great at the time, it promotes the detoxification process.

When your body sweats, it retains less water and eliminates toxins, unwanted chemicals and other nasties that can potentially harm your body.

It Promotes Mindfulness

Hot yoga is effective for ‘getting in the zone’. The practice of yoga as a whole encourages people to participate in the exercise mindfully, without judgement. For beginners, it’s naturally easy to focus on the heat and humidity of the room. However, once yoga begins, you become more focused on the breath and movement of the body. You’re no longer interested in the surroundings, but the here and now of being in the present moment.

It Makes You Glow!

If you want some serious glow, you need to get moving. Boosting circulation enables more oxygen and blood cells to reach the skin. With hot yoga, the act alone will give you a great glow. What’s more, research has demonstrated that exercising in heat enhances circulation more than working out in a regular setting. If you’ve ever seen the radiant skin of someone after completing an hour of hot yoga, you’ll now know why!

Are There Any Risks of Hot Yoga?

Exercising in a hot environment requires a few safety precautions. The majority of healthy people will be absolutely fine. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Drink lots of water before, during, and after hot yoga to keep hydrated.

If you experience dizziness, nausea or feeling lightheaded, stop immediately.

Pregnant women, people with low blood pressure, low blood sugar, diabetes, heart disease, or those who are suffering from an eating disorder and regular fainting should speak to a doctor first.

Anyone who cannot tolerate heat should stick to regular yoga.