Best Places to Find Rising Comedic Stars For Your Film

Filmmakers across Hollywood struggle to cast roles in films all the time. Finding the perfect fit for a specific character can be surprisingly difficult, and can even take anywhere from a few months to a year, and that’s even with a large budget and a plethora of famous actors at their fingertips. Comedy is an especially difficult genre to cast, since comedy just doesn’t come naturally to come actors and it’s rare to find a phenomenal actor that is also incredibly funny when it comes to their delivery. 

Indie filmmakers have it even harder. Time, budget, and access are all barriers to creating the best film possible and casting the best individuals for each role. If you’re an up-and-coming filmmaker looking to find the right actors for your next comedy, here are a few of the first places you should be looking.

Social Media Groups

You can do almost anything on social media nowadays, and getting cast in a movie is one of them. There are many Facebook groups, as well as sections on other social media websites, where filmmakers and actors can find each other. Start by looking for local groups, or even local theater groups, to begin your journey.

Local Theater

Speaking of local theater groups, your community’s local comedy or theater scene is the perfect place to look for great talent. Try attending comedy open mic nights or theater productions in your town, and see what performers stand out to you for specific roles. You may just be able to discover the next Jim Carrey at the coffee shop down the street.

Job Websites

There are plenty of great websites, like Backstage and Star Now, where actors can share their headshots, resumes, and more. These platforms work similar to job websites like Indeed, except filmmakers can easily find talent whose strengths fit their latest project.

Talent Apps

Apps, like the Special Guest App, were created so that anyone anywhere can be paired up with talent that suits their unique needs, whether that be actors, magicians, impersonators, or even talented comedians. This is a great place to look for actors or other types of talent. You can find just about anyone, from little-known performers looking for their big break, to already-famous, extremely talented individuals like Chaunte Wayans.


The most professional way to hire talent is through an acting agency. However, this is a decision to make based on your film’s budget. If you’re still unsure what funding looks like right now, you might want to start at the beginning of this list and try to find talent looking for resume-building experiences. However, if you have the budget, an agency is the best way to go. It’s not that you, the director or producer, will be paying the agency, but agents take a cut of everything the actor earns. So, if your gig pays pennies, they may not be interested in working with you to find the right comedic star for your production.

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